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pmIndia Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

pmIndia Innovation Lab is the new application-oriented research laboratory of the Professorship Print Media Technology of Chemnitz University of Technology [pmTUC]. It was established in cooperation with Manipal University Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI) at Manipal University Innovation Centre in January 2013. The lab is focused on experiments and projects in the field of printed electronics, especially in printed paper photovoltaics (3PVs). Fully printed paper solar cells, which were first introduced by pmTUC in 2011, have a huge potential in various fields. They could, for instance be used for power generation in rural areas with less developed infrastructure. The pmIndia Innovation Lab team analyses the suitability of the technology and develops appropriate business models for its commercial use. In addition, it aims at increasing the cooperation programme with Manipal University and other Indian institutions. Further, the research team provides support and assistance to companies of the printing, machinery and supply industry as well as governmental organisations for research and development in the field of green energy. In sum, pmIndia Innovation Lab works on:

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