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Sandra Lienert Experience report
logosmall Sandra Lienert, student of English and American Studies at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
08.11.2014 - 21.02.2015 intern at MIT Manipal, India

Report on "Study on the Structure and Working Aspects of Indian NGOs in the Area of Renewable Energy for Rural Development and Electrification"

I have always taken electricity for granted; turning the room light on or off whenever needed, using the lift for transport and laziness, not to speak of typing reports or any other document conveniently into a PC. What seems almost trivial for the majority of inhabitants of Germany, is still largely unknown to approximately 300 Million people li ing in India’s rural areas without electricity. Working only by the light of a kerosene lamp or suffering daily power outages lasting up to several hours are a normality in these regions and the result of a grid-infrastructure that is either nonexistent or unreliable. Electricity theft, lack of resources or poor planning for construction within widespread jungle areas are the major reasons why 40% of villages in India are left without power. To overcome the enormous scarcity of electricity, the Indian government is highly promoting renewable energies, especially solar power.

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Simon Nessmann
logosmall Simon Nessmann, student of Medical Engineering at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
18.08.-07.11.2014 intern at MIT Manipal, India

When I received the acceptance for the internship at Manipal Institute of Technology in India, I was very grateful for obtaining this particular opportunity. Suddenly the day arrived, and I finally was able to pack my luggage and take off to India. The flight was long and I felt really tired after arriving in Manipal. But when I left the airport and hit the road, I was wide awake immediately. I directly discovered the horn as the most important thing in Indian traffic. Everyone humps for everything and if there is nothing to hump for, you hump anyway. The first days went by very fast, everything was new and it took some time to orientate myself. Fortunately there was Taslim – my contact I already had e-mailed with in Germany – who helped me in all situations that I was capable to settle quite fast.

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Alexander Ricker Experience report
logosmall Alexander Ricker, student of Medical Engineering at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
01.09.-15.12.2013 intern at MIT Manipal, India

Experience report about Indian marriage

Searching on the Internet for pictures of an Indian Wedding you will find a lot of colorful photos with a beautifully dressed and happy bridal couple and oodles of frolic people. Everything looks like a fabulous, dreamlike celebration. At the same time, you are thinking about arranged marriages and about reports on the poverty in the newly industrialized country India. How does it all go well together? During my internship from September 2013 until January 2014 at the Manipal University in Karnataka, a state in South West India, I had the unique opportunity to take part in a Hindu marriage ceremony!

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Meike Gierig
logosmall Meike Gierig, student of Medical Engineering at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
01.09.-15.12.2013 intern at MIT Manipal, India

From September until December 2013 I did an internship at the Biomedical Engineering Department, MIT, Manipal. My accommodation was the Ladies Block at MIT campus. It is a big, yellow building, clean and calm. Almost every day the cleaning staff knocked at my door for cleaning. The building is one of the costly accommodations at MIT. But compared to German prices it is really cheap. Luckily I could use not only my room but also the free, unlocked neighbor room. Usually you have to share the bathroom and entry room with another woman. To go into the ladies block you have to pass security guards. Men are strictly prohibited. Security guards are everywhere on campus.

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Sugirtha Krishnamurthy
logosmall Sugirtha Krishnamurthy, student of National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, India
15.03.-15.06.2013 intern at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

I stepped into Germany, the land of ideas on May 13th, 2013. It was my first trip abroad, the excitement that rushed inside me was enough to overcome my tiredness, jet lag etc. Susan Feist, my buddy through Patent programme welcomed me to Chemnitz- the city of modernity and made me comfortable in Zietenstraße 70, my home for the next two months. I could not have asked for a better start – The people I met in pmTuC were extremely friendly, it helped me throw away all my inhibitions of being in a new place. Ms.Conny Schumann and my buddy Susan guided me with all the initial formalities – city registration, travel pass, Mensa card etc. The first meeting with my guide Mr.Zillger was one of the most interesting discussions I have ever had. Since I was from a chemical engineering background, Mr.Zillger patiently took time to explain the concepts of printing technology and introduce me to the topic of my project – “Semiconductor formulation for Printed Photovoltaic Cells”.

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Saskia Münster Experience report
logosmall Saskia Münster, M.Sc. student of Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
15.03.-15.06.2013 intern at pmIndia Innovation Lab, Manipal, India

Experience report about the public transport in India

When it comes to moving around and travelling in India my first raw notions were overcrowded buses and trains, streets full of small yellow-black motor-driven rickshaws and taxis, according to my guide book typically the Ambassador brand. After wonderful and exciting three months living and working as an research intern in the print and media Innovation lab in India I can say I tested probably the majority of the well-known means of transportation. Not only for travelling around over the weekend and longer distances, but also going by bus for smaller tours and day trips and through Manipal itself. I can say now that a lot of my imaginations were confirmed!

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Sumalatha G.S. Experience report
logosmall Sumalatha G.S., M.Tech. student from Manipal University, India
04.03 – 30.06.2013 intern at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

Experience report 'Tastes of India' and 'Nature' in Germany

"Nächste Haltestelle: Deutschland", one of my favourite sentence which I took home from Germany. Which means "The Next Stop is: Germany". For me Germany was completely new since it was my first International tour. Language, land, culture, food, weather, nature, people, animal, buildings, everything had a different taste of sensing. The first thing which mesmerized me was SNOW & negative temperature of cold. It was my first time feel for snow & I just loved playing in it. The complete place looks white & filled during winter. It's not usual in Germany that the winter continues till April. In my four months of stay in Germany, I could feel four different weather conditions like – winter, spring, summer & rainy. Though people complained that's very unusual, I somehow enjoyed them.

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Annapoorna Vaidyanathan Experience report
logosmall Annapoorna Vaidyanathan Iyer, Bachelor student from Manipal University, India
31.01.-15.06.2013 intern at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

Experience report about weather and food in Germany

I left the warm climate of India and arrived in Munich on the cold evening of January 30th. Fully prepared to face the sub zero temperatures in Germany I spent a nice evening roaming about the streets of Munich taking in all the initial sights the country had to offer me. On 31st I arrived in Chemnitz and was greeted by cold winds but snow-­‐free streets, which was a pleasant surprise. Just when I had started thanking my lucky stars for the wonderful weather, it started snowing! Waking up to a snow covered view was a pleasure, but as soon as I stepped out into it, the pleasure was all gone and I just wanted to run back into the warmth of my room.

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Paul Thorsch logosmall Paul Thorsch, B.Sc. student of Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
06.10.2012-31.01.2013 intern at IIT Kanpur, India

In the beginning I noticed the presence of security personnel all over the campus and even in front of each
 hall of residence was one guard checking the students. All people who are working on the campus live there too. That includes approximately 6,000 students, all academics and professors with their families, the security personnel and staff. With three primary schools, two markets and a Health Centre, the campus was like a small town. Conspicuous for me was the fact that only one out of ten halls was available for women.

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Manuela Heinze logosmall Manuela Heinze, M.Sc. student of Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
01.10.-31.12.2012 intern at pmIndia Innovation Lab, Manipal, India

Gaining some experience abroad was my aim when writing the application for the DAAD scholarship. Once I handed in the application everything was managed by the Institute for Print and Media Technology (pmTUC) and Ms. Strauß. According to my previous knowledge and the topics I am interested in, she suggested to do the internship in the new lab at Manipal University. Nearly everything was managed by Ms. Strauß: she organized a hostel room on the campus, she recommended a doctor in Chemnitz for the necessary vaccinations and answered all questions which I had before starting my adventure India.

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Fabian Kläbner logosmall Fabian Kläber, M.Sc. student of Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
01.08.-31.10.2012 intern at Kraft Foods/Cadbury India, Mumbai, India

My decision to make my Master degree in Chemnitz was strongly linked with the varies opportunities to get closer in contact with India – one of the most important economy partner of Germany and in all likelihood the upcoming most important one. Furthermore my whole live I ́ve been attracted by countries which are offering more than just the usual landmarks. And India is for sure one of the countries with a versatile culture, tradition, landmarks and much more. . Thus, I was more than happy when pmTUC gave me the opportunity for an internship in India. In addition I had the chance to spend my time in Mumbai while working for Cadbury India which is one of the biggest companies for confectionery in the World. To gain some more practical experience besides of your studies is always recommended and when it comes to practical experience abroad you have the chance to develop your personal skills extra.

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Gaurav Daga logosmall Gaurav Daga, Bachelor student from Manipal University, India
01.02.-01.06.2012 intern at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

Doing my final semester in Germany was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. Beside the technology-related advantages, I also made a lot of experiences regarding humanity, respect and life in the midst of very different cultures and religions. It was totally different in every sense from what and how we have studied in India to the way things are done Germany. From February till July 2012 we were doing our Bachelor thesis in printing technology at the Institute for Print and Media Technology, Chemnitz University.

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Surina Ayanna logosmall Surina Ayanna, Bachelor student from Manipal University, India
01.02.-24.05.2012 intern at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

Four months back when I set foot in Germany, I was overwhelmed by the order and perfection in the way things are done here. Meticulousness is seen in every discipline. Now coming from a country where chaos in every part of life is no surprise, it took me a while to get along with the German way of life. Not so long before, I’ve started to love it. Everything here has order, you plan it and you see it happen. But life in India is such that spontaneity is necessary; for things change in a ‘Drop of a hat’. But nonetheless, 100 days of life here has taught me one thing – a balance between a disciplined way of working and my natural spontaneity in ideas which I carry from back home.

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Snehil Saraswat logosmall Snehil Saraswat, Bachelor student from Manipal University, India
01.02.-24.05.2012 intern at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

It all started as a dream when I registered in Manipal University for my B.E in printing technology and came to know about this wonderful scholarship opportunity. Germany is a country well-known and recommended for its technical expertise, some exceptional scientists and sophisticated machinery. And the best of it all, I was going to be a part of this and much more: new experiences like making new friends and coming to terms with the German way of living. It wasn’t easy though, and I had to strain everything out of my nerves to get this coveted opportunity.

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Tanvir Singh Kohli logosmall Tanvir Singh Kohli, Bachelor student at Manipal University, India
01.02.-24.05.2012 intern at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

From my childhood, I’ve always been excited about living abroad. I had no idea what to expect, when I would step out of the Berlin airport, only a dim vision of shiny buildings, streets, and cars and the harsh cold weather. I come from India, which is very big country in comparison to Germany and also has a much bigger population. So, when I first landed here, I was surprised to see the scanty amount of people on the roads, in buses, trams etc. and thought: they may have public holidays here.

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Franz Friebel logosmall Franz Friebel, Student of Chemistry at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
15.10.-15.12.2011 intern at IIT Hyderabad, India

How I went to India
At the beginning of my practical work for my Bachelor's degree I received a message via the mailing list, with an offer for an internship in India. It wasn't my plan to go to India after my B.Sc. Of course I wanted to go to a foreign country for some time, but not now and not without a language course. But then I said to myself "A few months India, a good scholarschip from DAAD and an interesting topic. So why should I wait?". Then I sent my application and a few months later I took the plane from Munich to Dubai and from there to Hyderabad. ...

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Jana Jordan logosmall Jana Jordan, student of Media Production at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
22.04. - 23.08.2011 intern at Graphic Arts Technology and Education (GATE), Mumbai, India

Why did I decide to go to India? Maybe it was because of the totally different culture, the different people, the interest in new countries or to find out how I can manage my life in a big city like Mumbai alone. But the most important reason was my student research project. I also used the time to travel through India and made a lot of new and interesting experiences.

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Claudia Döhler logosmall Claudia Döhler, Student of Mechanical Engineering at Chemnitz University of Technology
01.03.-30.06.2011 intern at Manipal University, India

It has always been a little dream of me to go to India. Maybe because of the colourful culture, maybe because I felt sick of the German lifestyle and because of the idea to find something completely different from everything I knew before. ...

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pinkarrow Claudia's blog

Niraj Kumar logosmall Kumar Niraj, Bachelor student at Manipal University, India
07.03.-31.06.2011 intern at Chemnitz University of Technology, Chemnitz, Germany

When people ask me how was the experience, I reply them with a gentle smile and say "Perfect" - "Dhamaal" in one word. I still remember the moment very clearly when my clock ticked 5 o′clock on 2nd July. Finally, it was one of the most awaited moments of my life to board my flight to Germany and I was wondering how the coming next four months will unfold in front of me. ...

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Jadhav Vishal Nmadev logosmall Jadhav Vishal Nmadev, Bachelor student at Manipal University, India
07.03.-31.06.2011 intern at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

As part of the pmIndia Scholarship Programme I got the chance to do a project work at Chemnitz University of Technology. It was 2nd of March and I was so much excited about going to Germany. Finally, I boarded a flight early in the morning and my journey to the Germany started. I landed at Frankfurt airport in the afternoon and I experienced the pleasant and great weather of Germany. ...

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Alexander Mißbach logosmall Alexander Mißbach, Bachelor student of Business Engineering at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
01.10.-30.11.2010 intern at Manipal University, India

Last October I got the great opportunity to do a two month internship at Manipal Institute of Technology in India. This exchange was enabled by the Indo-German-Cooperation of pmIndia. Manipal is a university town located in the southwest of India. It is only a few kilometers away from the Arabian Sea. It was the aim of this internship to write a case study about cell formation at the machine shop of the Manipal Institute of Techology. ...

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3interns logosmall Frank Göthel, Bachelor student at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
01.04.-31.07.2010 intern at Manipal University, India

As part of the Indo-German-Cooperation of pmIndia I got the opportunity of a scholarship to spend four months in the Indian university town Manipal located in the southwest of India. The aim was to write my bachelor thesis on the upcoming project of a printing manufacturer to establish a training and research center at the Department of Printing and Media Engineering. ...

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3interns logosmall Namrata Chakrabarti, Shubhajit Roy and Arnab Banerjee, Bachelor students at Jadavpur University, Kolkatta, India
01.06.-31.07.2010 interns at the pmTUC, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

We landed in Germany on a cold rainy day with a lot of hopes, excitement, expectations and palpitations. One of the first sights we saw was that of a number of tall chimneys spewing out smoke and we knew that we were in the Land of Technology. On the train journey to Chemnitz, the breathtaking view of the countryside, the dense forests, the little towns perched halfway up hillocks, looked exactly like the fairytale land we had only imagined. Germany could easily be called the pinnacle of the printing industry, the place every printing engineer aspires to be, and we were here! The first time in a foreign country, we had our share of hesitations and apprehensions. ...

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ashmagupta logosmall Ashma Gupta, Bachelor student at Manipal University, India,
01.02.-31.05.2010 intern at manroland AG, Augsburg, Germany

AWESOME was the first word that I said when I first landed in Germany. It was not just for the fact that I was seeing snowfall for the first time in my life or the breathtaking view of the airport in the night but also as it was the first time that I realized it was for actual that I would be doing my internship in manroland, a dream of all the printing students was coming true for me. Thus, was the beginning of my journey in Germany on a happy note. A lot of excitement and some apprehension marked the initial days of my stay here. It wasn't a long time before I realize that I will not just survive but I will enjoy my stay here for 41/2 months as every person we met did not welcomed us, but they did their best to make us comfortable and to help us in any possible manner. Despite the language barrier, I ...

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taslimkhan logosmall Taslim Khan, Bachelor student at Manipal University, India
01.02.-31.05.2010 intern at Koenig & Bauer AG, Radebeul, Germany

With almost 3 months getting over, the memory of landing in Germany still seems fresh. With all the excitement of working with one of the biggest manufacturers of printing machines in the world, it has been an amazing journey till now. Getting to know the new culture and blending with people in this foreign land has been a great experience. With all the initial apprehensions have gone in just a few days of arriving here in Germany and realizing that people will give their best shot for helping us out despite the language barrier. With the warmth of the colleagues and friends, it never felt too lonely for me. I might have initially been of this opinion that it will be dificult to settle down here but once we started meeting people and talking to them, everyone is really very friendly. ...

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