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1st India Opportunity Seminar

Date: 17th September 2010, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Location: Chemnitz University of Technology, Chemnitz Germany

Topic: Indian High Potentials - Germany's Future?

India is not just an interesting market for German products, but also the main supplier of highly qualified experts for the USA, the Gulf region, Australia and many other countries, a fact that is also recognised by more and more German small and medium sized companies. In Germany the debate about the future need of foreign experts is currently causing quite a stir. Beyond the politics of the day, many people agree that in the long term Germany can't do without highly qualified foreign experts because of the demographic trend. The German industry as well as politics and especially the German society have to accept and make arrangements for this option. India is an attractive target country, a fact that the marketing for Germany should not forget to take it into account.

The first India Opportunity Seminar is dedicated to this discussion. It shall provide first-hand information for companies and other people who are involved in the decision processes. What role do language barriers play? Are there highly qualified experts in India? What about the bureaucratic barriers? What are the costs and benefits for the companies and for society? Which cultural stumbling blocks have to be faced?

Being discussion-oriented, the seminar provides contributions by Indian and German speakers. The aim is to give helpful suggestions how we shall best deal with this pressing problem of the near future, to develop a feeling for the possibilities and necessities and to initiate an informal network, which shall also be a platform for new ideas and pilot projects.

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