Indo German Conference and Workshop
Colour Measurement and Management

(8, 9, 10th March 2010, Mumbai, India)

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With the phenomenal increase in 'colour reproduced media products' Colour Management is the most talked about technology today. With the successful record of past 'colour conferences' and the extensive work in the print and advertising industry a big three days event on this subject is now planned to take place in the in the month of March 2010.

This will be a conference for everyone connected with Colour Reproduction, Measurement, and Management technology in the field of advertising, design, photography, and printing (newspaper, packaging, commercial, flexography, gravure, litho-offset, letterpress, screen, digital, etc.), pre-press, monitor display, photography, artists, creative personnel, advertising agencies, publishers, etc. The conference will unfold many of the myths and mysteries of 'colour and colour management' and discuss various topics on why does 'colour management' do not satisfy us to the extent it should. What are the main reasons for unsatisfactory colour reproduction, some of which could be as follows:

  • Notion that software alone will do the trick
  • Lack of appreciation by the creative people for production limitations
  • Casual approach to the processes beyond pre-press activity
  • Lack of continuous and persistence efforts to improve production methods
  • Un-calibrated equipments and materials
  • Inappropriate environment and viewing conditions
  • Lack of instruments measurement systems
  • Progress and limits of current technologies
  • Improper knowledge and wrong procedures

Topics to be covered in the conference are:
Fundamentals of Colour and Colour Reproduction across various media, such as Printing, Colour Televisions, Computer Monitors, Film and Digital Photography, and Projection systems, Lighting Environment and Viewing Conditions, Deceptive colour appearances as seen by the human eye, Colour Measurement Techniques, CIE System of Colour Notations, Important role played by Materials used for Colour Reproduction, Characterising Digital Cameras, Colour Scanners, Colour Monitors, Projection Systems, Colour Printing by different Printing methods, Standardisation, Conventional ways of Managing Colour in various fields, Colour Management System, Colour Management Module, Profile Connection Space, Gamut Mapping, Colour rendering intent, ICC Profile Structures, RGB, CMYK and Special Colour Systems, Hexachrome and other multi-colour systems, Colour Management systems in Apple, IBM, Adobe, etc., Importance of Workflow Standardisation using Application Softwares, File Formats, and RIP softwares, Role of Colour Management in CIP4 and JDF workflow

The special feature will be a Display gallery exhibiting effects on colour reproduction using different colour management techniques.

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